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  • 通柴发动机,作为全球知名的动力品牌之一,跨越世纪,匠心传承。
    • 峥嵘岁月:创立于1958年,伴随中国经济一路高速增长。

    • 专业专注:一直在海洋捕捞船舶、内河运输船舶、发电机组、工程机械、农业排灌、空气压缩机等专业领域,不断进行动力研发、制造和提升。

    • 技术权威:与国际内燃机权威研究机构“奥地利AVL公司”合作,进行发动机的技术研发,达到国际先进水平,并拥有自主知识产权,自主品牌。

    • 高端制造:现代化发动机专业厂房132000平方米,700+套专业生产设备,引进德国数控加工中心,三坐标测量仪等国际一流加工机测试设备,拥有大功率柴油机关键零部件加工生产线、总装生产线,17个试验台架,喷涂线等完备生产设施。

    • 江苏通柴发动机有限公司是“通柴”品牌发动机唯一官方销售渠道。

  • Company introduction Tongchai Engine (global trademark: TEC), as one of the well-known power brands in the world, was founded in 1958, spanning the century and inheriting with ingenuity.
    • Glorious years: Founded in 1958, with the rapid growth of China's economy. 

    • Professional focus: We have been continuously developing, manufacturing and upgrading power in professional fields such as marine fishing vessels, inland river transport vessels, generator sets, construction machinery, agricultural irrigation and drainage, and air compressors.

    • Technical authority: Cooperate with AVL Company of Austria, an international authoritative research institution for internal combustion engines, and carry out engine technology research and development, reaching the international advanced level, with independent intellectual property rights and independent brands.

    • High-end manufacturing: The modern professional engine workshop covers an area of 132,000 square meters, with 700+ sets of professional production equipment, the introduction of international first-class processing machine testing equipment such as German CNC machining center and three-coordinate measuring instrument, and complete production facilities such as high-power diesel engine key parts processing production line, final assembly production line, 17 test benches and spraying lines.

    • Jiangsu Tongchai Engine Co., Ltd. is the only official sales channel of "Tongchai" brand engine.

Product Description


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  • 全功率:功率范围从10kW到2500kW,50Hz和60Hz可选。
  • 系列分布:ST2、ST3.9、ST4.5、ST6.9、ST13、ST15、ST28、ST30、ST48、ST64。
  • 产品特色:体积小,高功率,高可靠性,低震动性。
  • Product description Full power: power range from 10kW to 2500kW, 50Hz and 60Hz can be selected.
  • Series distribution: ST2, ST3.9, ST4.5, ST6.9, ST13, ST15, ST28, ST30, ST48, ST64.
  • Product features: small size, high power, high reliability, low vibration.

Application Cases



Now it has become the designated engine brand of China Southern Power Grid, Greenland, Vanke, Jinmao, COFCO, Agile, etc. It is more widely used in the belt and road initiative, communication, real estate, aquaculture, engineering and construction, mining, industrial parks and other fields. Over the years, it has formed a sales and service network covering more than 20 provinces and cities in China and exported to Southeast Asia, Mexico, South Africa, Sudan, Indonesia and other countries and regions.

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  • 制造基地地址 : 南通市崇川区钟秀东路399号

    Manufacturing base address:No. 399 Zhongxiu East Road, Chongchuan District, Nantong City

  • 华南销售中心:广州番禺东艺路意库创意十街七幢

    South China Sales Center:Building 7, Yiku Creative Street 10, Dongyi Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou City

  • 华东销售中心:上海市浦东新区浦东大道2000号阳光世界大厦24楼A

    East China Sales Center:Room A, 24th Floor, Sunshine World Building, No. 2000, Pudong Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

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  • 联系电话Tel: 0513-55008261
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